Research on the Local Level

Using market segmentation developed by Prizm, along with Nielson, we can find what your customers look like and give programming suggestions to help your business effectively find find potential customers in the Toledo area.
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Better Research

More people are watching cable programming then ever before!
According to the CAB over 65% of the total time watching TV is cable programming. In fact the hours of cable veiwership has steadily rose over the past five years!
Primetime Delivery Cable has the largest share of viewers in primetime. The various networks on cable television reach the masses with a combined rating of 23 points. People that tune in to cable television, especially in primetime, are more engaged in their viewing.

Cable Households have higher Income!

Households that watch cable are your best prospects; there is a big difference in the spending power of the cable and the non cable household. Nationally Cable households have 20% more disposable income. Locally, in Toledo, cable households over-deliver the higher income homes and under-deliver the lower income homes by 46%.

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